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wpe6.jpg (1099 bytes) Welcome to Nidoking and Ninetale's - Well actually Rob and Mary's Webpage. Rob (Nidoking) bought the game about 10 months ago, and became obsessed. Rob showed the game to Mary (Ninetales) which was a big mistake, because now she is just as obsessed as Rob. So they "joined forces" to create this webpage, to show just how obsessed a person could end up being. So the point of this webpage is for us to play around on the computer and put in Pokémon facts as we go along. Heehee!

abra2.gif (377 bytes)   To start off with, here are All 161 Pokémon! Yes, there are 161 Pokémon, and many more. I know all of you people out there are going, "No, there aren't! There are only 150!!!" We are here to tell you that there are 161+, so in your face! You should go to our little list and look for yourself!


And here's something we didn't have the privilege if having when we started out.  Actually we didn't need it. (we're just too good you see) But here is what you want right? A WALKTHROUGH of the game, both Red and Blue. So enjoy!

wpeB.jpg (1062 bytes) Wanna know what some items are for? Check out our ITEMS LIST!

wpe5.jpg (1274 bytes) Having some trouble deciding what TM's you should teach to your Pokémon? Want to know if it's worth while to teach them that move? Then come see our ABILITIES/ATTACKS List!

pikablu.gif (2005 bytes)Come see the NEW Pokémon that are so new - they don't have numbers yet! Some of these Pokémon will be featured in the upcoming Pokémon Movie!

vulp.jpg (6686 bytes) We have created the greatest Pokemon Desktop Theme ever! It has everything you could want in a Theme, so your missing out if you don't download it.

dragon.gif (369 bytes) Nidoking has a mission. His goal is to grow all 5 of his teammates to the 90's level. All of the Pokémon have distinct personalities, some are more stubborn than others. So come and investigate our new section - THE TRIAL OF A KING.

chance.gif (305 bytes)Here are all of the WEBRINGS we belong to. This is a great spot to join up on all of the latest rings for your own page!

If you have any questions about our webpage or Pokémon itself - go ahead and e-mail us at -

Nidoking.gif (1216 bytes)Nidoking@flashmail.com or MinaRei@yahoo.comwpeC.jpg (1081 bytes)

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