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-You start out at your house. (how perfect)  Thus you proceed outside, and this is your town, PALLET.  Then you attempt to leave, Professor Oak will stop you, and then the plot begins.

Professor Oak has been kind enough to let you have one of his three Pokémon (Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur)

According to our sources (us) Bulbasaur and Squirtle best to start out with.

But, if you want a challenge Charmander is one that will really pay-off in the end.

Once you've picked one, you again try to leave, bur your "rival" wants to fight.  So you fight him, and be on your way. (It doesn't matter if you win or lose)


Head north to enter Route 1, Viridian City.  On the way up you will run into the games most annoying Pokémon, Rattata, and Pidgey.  If you want to start growing your Pokémon's experience level go ahead and battle some on the way.

However, if you don't feel like dealing with them right now, use the RUN command and you should escape safely.

Moving on, once you've reached Viridian City, if your Pokémon's health is low take it to the POKéCENTER. (building which has a POKé sign out front)  Now that your Pokémon is healed, go north to a building label MART, go inside, you will receive OAK'S PARCEL, and now you must return to Pallet Town and give the PARCEL to Oak.

Oak will give you and your "rival" POKéDEX, and your mission in the game,

"Gotta Catch em' All!"

Now go outside and right above Oak's place there's your "rivals" house, go inside and his sister will give you a Town Map.  Even though he told her not too!  (Aw, she likes you!)

Then head back up to Viridian City, go to the POKéMART and pick up some PokéBalls (around 10 or so), and (optional) Antidote.


Some other WALKTHROUGHS would tell you to go ahead up to Viridian Forest.  But we're too smart and know better.  If you go to the far left of Viridian City, there should be a small route, there you will find a small patch of "tall grass," that tall grass contains Nidoran(M) an Nidoran(F) if you don't catch them now, you won't get them till much later in the game.  And that's suckie.  Others to catch are Spearow, Rattata, and Pidgey.

After catching them, move up to Viridian Forest, and make sure your Pokémon are in good condition.  This forest contains Bug-type Pokémon, so take your time and make sure catch them all.  Caterpie, Weedle, Metapod, Kakuna, and oddly enough PIKACHU!  Yes, the notorious Pikachu is in this forest, but very, very hard to find.  But if you don't catch him now, you won't catch him till WAY later.  So be patient, and he'll come around.

[WHERE NIDOKING CAUGHT HIS Pikachu]  Where the sign is at the beginning of the entrance to the Forest.

[WHERE NINETALES CAUGHT HER Pikachu]  The last row of "tall grass" before you leave the forest.  (I've always found one there!)

When you leave Viridian City, we recommend your "starting" Pokémon should be,

(Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur) Spearow, Nidoran(M), Nidoran(F), Metapod  (just so you can evolve it), and of course Pikachu.


Pewter City is where your first badge will be won. The BOULDER BADGE will give your Pokémon a small power boost, you also receive TM 34 which contains BIDE.


The Pewter City Gym Leader Brock is into Rock-type Pokémon, so Charmander's fire attacks won't make a dent.  If you picked Squirtle your in luck, and it should be a quick battle, Bulbasaur is average, Pikachu is electric, and won't make for a great fighter in this battle.                                                                                                                                 His Pokémon will include:  Geodude lvl. 12, and Onix lvl. 14

[Useful Info. - If your wondering where some Pokémon are that you caught, calm down, their okay in BILL'S PC.  There is a small computer in the POKéCENTER to the right, go up to it and open up BILL'S PC, inside is a box which holds your caught Pokémon.]           (your only aloud to hold 6)

[Useful Info. -   The same applies to your items, once you have too many items, you must drop off items that you don't need at that time in the PC.  Otherwise you'll be miles away from the POKéCENTER and crowded with too many items, thus you will be forced to throw something away.]

In the Pewter City MART you may realize there's more items to buy. Like Potion, Escape Rope, and Awakening.   (to buy them is optional)

Once Brock is defeated and you have your Badge and TM, move east to

Route 3

There will be a big chain of Pokémon trainers ready for battle, it will take awhile, but yes, you will eventually get through. The only plus in fighting all them is the money, once you've won you get big bucks!  Also your Pokémon will grow because of all that experience.

Once past them you will come across two patches of "tall grass" the first bigger one will contain Spearow.  The last patch before Mt. Moon will contain the much loved Jigglypuff.  This is the only place to catch it, so don't leave without it.

Mt. Moon

Mt. Moon will contain the much hated Zubat.  (This guy you'll get real sick of fast)  And the almost-impossible-to-find Clefairy.   But again, if you don't catch it now, you'll won't find him later...blah blah.   Also among "sought-after" and "please-stop-bugging-me" are Geodude and Paras.

Also in Mt. Moon are surprisingly MOON STONES.   Mt. will contain 2 MOON STONES, don't leave without both.

You can also find TM 01 which contains MegaPunch and TM 12 which contains Water Gun

Inside Mt. Moon Team Rocket is about, because this Mt. has two fossils, which you will need later on.  You choices are Helix or Dome, the Dome fossil is the extinct Pokémon Kabuto, and Helix is Omanyte, both are good. (Both of us prefer Kabuto)


Now out of Mt. Moon you're on your way to CERULEAN CITY, on Route 4 you'll find Ekans (Red Version Only) or Sandshrew. (Blue Version Only)  You will also come across TM 04, this contains Whirlwind which can be taught to your Pidgey. (if you want)

WARNING! Once you jump over the last hedge before Cerulean City there is NO GOING BACK!  (at least not until much later in the game) So make sure you have everything before making the plunge into Cerulean.



MISTY is  the Cerulean City Gym Leader.  And she has the next badge you need, the CASCADE BADGE. She will be using Water-type Pokémon, so once again Charmander is useless.  But luckily, if you caught a Pikachu like we recommended, Electric kicks megabooty against Water-type.  Also, if you've evolved any Bug-type like Metapod into Butterfree or Kakuna into Beedrill you also are at an advantage.

MISTY'S Pokémon include:  Staryu lvl. 18, Starmie lvl. 21

With the Cascade Badge will make any Pokemon up to lvl. 30 obey you.  You will also receive TM 11, which contains Bubble Beam.

Look around the city and become familiar with the buidlings, this will come in handy later.

Routes 24, 25

If you don't want to fight Misty yet, or have and have been losing, go north, there you'll find 6 Team Rocket members and they will help your Pokémon levels to raise.  At the end you will will receive a Nugget.

WARNING! At the end of the Bridge of is your "rival."   So be prepared, and make sure your Pokémon are in their best condition.

Past the Bridge will be a long skinny patch of "tall grass."  There will be Bellsprout (Blue Version only) or Oddish (Red Version only) and the VERY rare Abra, walk up and down it until Abra appears, your only chance of catching it is to Paralyze it right away, or to just throw a Pokéball right away and pray it works.  Otherwise keep Pikachu at the top of your list, and make sure it learns THUNDER WAVE at lvl. 9.   Abra's only power at it's low level is Teleport, so he teleports from battle as soon as it has a turn, but don't give up, eventually you'll catch him.

If you come off the Bridge and keep going straight into a square of hedges you'll find TM 45 which contains Thunder Wave, then keep going right and you'll find TM 19 which contains Seismic Toss.

[Info.  If your Pikachu already knows Thunder Wave just put it in your items box until you come across a Pokémon that can learn it]

To the right will be trainers and the Sea Cottage.  The Sea Cottage is home to Bill, the Pokémon psycho.   (he might just be more obsessed than us!)  After a freak accident, Bill has been combined with the cellular structure of a Pokémon. After you help him turn back to normal he'll give you the S.S. Ticket for Vermilion City. (You need the ticket, this is not optional!)

If you searched around Cerulean you might have noticed a house that was robbed by the Rockets, once you've visited the Sea Cottage, they will let you in the house.  Talk to the people in the house, once you've gotten the info go outside through the hole in the house, Team Rocket will be out there,  fight Team Rocket and earn TM 28 which will contain DIG.

Then move south to

Route 5

Where you can catch Meowth (Blue Version) or Mankey. (Red Version) Also down the route, in the middle, there is a Pokémon Daycare.  The guy inside will grow your Pokémon's level for you. (depending on how long your gone)   You won't be able to choose which skills your Pokémon learns as it evolves, but that's just a risk you'll have to take.

Head to the Underground Path, (small house south/east of the Daycare) follow it till you reach Route 6 which then will take you to Vermilion City.  Beat all the guys on Route 6 that are in your way, then head to Vermilion.



Farthest building on the top left is home of the Old Fishing Guru, he will give you an     Old Rod if you tell him you like fishing.  So when you have the time, use a crappy Pokémon and the Old Rod to catch the horribly weak Magikarp.

[Inside Tip - Magikarp is an ideal Pokémon to throw over to the Daycare guy.]

The building with the sign out front is the Pokémon fan club.  If you listen to the President babble on about Pokémon he'll give you a Bike Voucher, a nice reward.   Which you take to the Bike Shop in Cerulean City for a nice way to travel around, way more effecient.

Next to the Fan Club is a place where you can trade Spearow for a Farfetch'd.

Head south and enter the S.S. Anne, (this is where the ticket comes in handy) on the ship there are many, many trainers in every room.  Which is good for your Pokémon.  Amoung the many items you can pick up are TM 08 which conatins Body Slam and TM 44 which contains Rest.

Once you get to the second floor you'll find your "rival," so make sure your Pokémon are ready.   Then go to the Captains Cabin, give a "good old back rub" and he'll give you     HM 01 which contains Cut. (Your 1st Hidden Machine!)

Then head out and go back to the city, heal your Pokémon, then equip some Ground-Types and head for the Gym.   Use your Cut ability to cut through the bush.


If you want to give this G.I. a jolt, throw out some Ground-Types and kick his butt.  Charmander and Bulbasaur are average, but Squirtle will be useless. (Don't use Pikachu either you Pikachu lovers!)

His Pokémon Include:   Voltorb lvl. 21, Pikachu lvl. 18, and Raichu lvl. 24

Once you will you'll receive the THUNDER BADGE, and TM 24 which will contain Thunderbolt. (Nice move to teach to Pikachu)

After winning your prize if your in the "Pokémon-catching-mood" you may go east to Route 11 where you can either go into Diglett's Cave and catch Diglett and Dugtrio.  Or keep going east where you find a lot of "tall grass" full of Drowzees. Unfortunately you can't go any farther south because a giant Snorlax is in the way.

At the other end of Diglett's Cave wander around aimlessly till you come to a house that contains Mr. Mime.  Trade an Abra for him.  Also if you keep on going south on that little trail you'll come across a house where some dude will give you HM 05 which contains Flash. (You'll need this HM very soon).

Routes 9 and 10

When your done with all of that Pokémon gathering, head back to Cerulean City and head East. Use the cut ability to hack down the bush, and continue on your way. You'll come across a whole bunch of trainers that are just waiting for you to kick their butt. This is a great time to grow your Pokémon. There are little patches of "tall grass" spread out among the Routes. In this grass is (dramatic pause) Voltorb! At the end of the routes you will find a Pokémon center and the entrance to the rock tunnel!

Rock Tunnel

Once you've healed your Pokémon, head inside the Rock Tunnel. If you got Flash like we told you to, you should teach it to Voltorb. Then carry it around in the tunnel as a flashlight, don't bother fighting with it. In the rock tunnel you will come accross Onix and Machop. After you catch these two Pokémon, there aren't any other new Pokémon. So when you catch those two, use a Repel potion if you have one with you. Otherwise, Zubats will be attacking you every 3 steps. Once you get out of the rock tunnel maze, you'll get to a route that will lead you to the spooky Lavender Town.


There isn't that much to do right now in Lavender Town. The Fuji guy is missing, but right now, you can't do anything about it. The only thing you might want to do is go visit the Nickname guy and change your Pokémon's nicknames. You don't have to do that if you don't want to though. Also, you might want to buy some Great Balls at the PokéMART because Pokémon start to get a little harder to catch from here on out. If you really want to get something done, head West to Route 8.

Route 8

On this route, there will be trainers as usual and a new Pokémon to catch. If you have the Red Version, you'll find Growlithe. If you have the Blue Version, you'll find Vulpix. This route to yet another underground path on the North side of the route. This path will take you to Route 7 (yes the route numbers go backward). Head West and you'll reach Celadon City.


The best part and the first thing you should do when you reach Celadon and then follow a mini-trail that goes Northwest. You'll see a big building that has a sign out in front (not the mart). Head in the back entrance and go up and up and up the stairs. You'll see a strange room at the top floor. Go inside and you'll see a Pokéball that contains one of our favorite Pokémon, Eevee! So get out of the mansion and get to work on your Eevee. First take a look at your starting Pokémon and check to see if you have a Water-type, a Fire-type, or a Electric-type. If your missing one, here is the solution to your problems! Go to the gigantic PokéMART, jump into the elevator and head to the 4th floor. Talk to the guy behind the counter and buy either a Fire Stone, a Water Stone, or a Thunder Stone (depending on which type you need). Then go to your items and use the stone on your Eevee! You'll will then view it's evolution and add it to your group (unless your just plain stupid). Depending on which stone you used, you'll get a Flareon, a Jolteon, or a Vaporeon.

Now that your done with that Eevee business, go up the stairs (you should still be in the PokéMART). When you reach the top floor, you wil see a kind of vending machine right next to the door. Buy 2 Waters, 1 Lemonade, and 1 Soda Pop. Then head over to the girl that wants a drink. Give her 1 of each drink and in return she'll give you TM 13 (Ice Beam), TM 48 (Rock Slide), and TM 49 (Tri Attack). Save the water for - well, we'll get to that.

When you're done purchasing some items you think your Pokémon might need for battle, head to the row on the south side of the city. On the building to the left there will be a diner. Go in and talk to the guy in the corner of the room. He'll give you a Coin Case that you'll need to get Porygon. That's another story however. Now head to the Pokémon Gym for some butt whoopin'.


If you want to torch this chick, bring along a Fire-Type Pokémon. She'll be a snap if you chose Charmander in the beginning. If you chose Squirtle or Bulbasaur, you should use a Flying-type or a Bug-type to back up your team.

Her Pokémon include:   Victreebell lvl. 29, Tangela lvl. 24, and Vileplume lvl. 29

If you beat Erika, you will get a Rainbow Badge. This Badge will make all Pokémon up to level 50 obey you. Also, you will get TM 21, which contains Mega Drain - a pretty good move.

After kicking Erika's sorry little grass-butt, you have to do one last and very time consuming trial - The dreaded Game Corner. So head for the Game Corner and look for a Team Rocket guy standing in front of a poster. Talk to him and beat him in a Pokémon match. When he leaves, go to the poster and press A. Push the button and then head right. Go up the stairs and we're going to let you do this part. It's not fun using this walkthrough for everything! What we will tell you is that there will be 11 Team Rocket guys, not to mention their leader, Giovanni. Most of the rocket guys have Pokémon at levels from 17 to 22. Just to give you a warning - Giovanni's Pokémon include:  Onix lvl. 25, Rhyhorn lvl. 24, and Kangaskhan lvl. 29

When you've beaten the Game Corner and team rocket - you wil get the Silph Scope. Take this and head back to Lavender Town.


So you should be back in the high-spirited Lavender Town. Head into the building that's entrance is like a cave's. Welcome to the Pokémon Tower - barrels of laughs.

Once you get inside, go up the stairs where you'll meet your rival. He's brought along five of his Pokémon this time. These include Pidgeotto lvl. 25, Gyarados lvl. 23, Growlithe lvl. 22, Kadabra lvl. 20, and the Pokémon he chose at the beginning of the game.

After beating your rival, continue up and up the stairs - fighting all channelers in your way. Along your journey up the tower the new Pokémon you'll want to catch are Gastly, Haunter, and Cubone. Keep on going up until you find a ghost. Your Silph Scope will kick in and you will see that it is Marowak, the evovled form of Cubone. Make her faint, then head up the stairs and beat all the Team Rocket guys. Then you'll find Mr. Fuji - remember, the guy that was missing. He'll give a PokéFlute, a very useful item. Now head West to Saffron City.


If you did what we said and bought an extra water at the Celadon Mart, then just talk to the guard at the building furthest West of Lavender. He'll let you in and then you can begin your next adventure.

First, head to the Mr. Psychic's house on the row on the south side of the city. Talk to him and get TM 29, Psychic. Teach this awesome TM to Butterfree, Kadabra (or Abra), Mr. Mime, or Jynx. Now head to the north part of the city and go inside the Gym on the left. Here you will meet the karate guys, who have some big and scary Pokémon. If you are using a Psychic Pokémon, they should be a synch. If you beat them all, you wil get either a Hitmonlee or a Hitmonchan. Both are worthy Pokémon, so it doesn't matter which you choose.


Now get ready for Sabrina, the teenage witch. You might want to grab a Bug-type Pokémon for this battle. If you caught a Ghost Pokémon from the Pokémon tower, here's a good chance to let it show off its stuff. Don't bring along your new fighting Pokémon either, they won't do you any good. Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle are all OK against Sabrina.

Her Pokémon are: Kadabra lvl. 38, Mr. Mime lvl. 37, Venomoth lvl. 38, and             Alakazam lvl. 43.

If you beat Sabrina and her Pokémon, she will give you the Marsh Badge. This Badge will make all Pokémon up to level 70 obey you. She will also give you TM 46, Psywave. This TM will definately do some major damage during the end of the game, but it kinda sucks right now.

Now, head out and enter the huge building known as Silph Co. This challenge might take a lot of effort, but you can do it. Once again, we're going to let you do this part by yourself, otherwise it's kind of unfun. What we wil say is that your rival will be here with his Pokémon, which are now deadlier than ever, so be prepared. All of them are from levels 35 through 40. Also, you will find Lapras, a transport Pokémon - a very good Pokémon too.

Defeat Giovanni and you will be rewarded by the President with the Master Ball! As soon as you get it, run over to that little PC and deposit it - your going to want to save for much, much later.

Routes 12 - 15

When you're done cheering about your victory over Team Rocket, head on back to Lavender. Grab your PokéFlute and continue your journey south of Lavender Town. You'll first see a big fat Pokémon in the middle of the road. This is the chubby yet lovable Snorlax. Wake him up with a PokéFlute, and try your hardest to capture him. Note that there is only one other Snorlax in the whole game. On your trip through Route 12, you'll come accross Venonat, Gloom (Red Version), and Weepinbell (Blue Version). Keep on going south until you reach a large grassy field to your left. Head to the grassy plain to catch the purple blob known as Ditto. Continue west throught the large clump of trainers until you reach the entrance to Route 14. Now you'll see a whole other group of trainers that you can take out easily. In the small little patches of grass, you'll find Pidgeotto. You can either catch him now, or evolve your Pidgey (if you haven't already). Also along this route, you'll find TM 20, which contains Rage. This is a good move to teach to a Pokémon that has a good attack power in their Stats. Continue west and you'll reach a guard post. Head up the stairs and talk to the guy with glasses. If you've collected 50 Pokémon, (don't feel bad if you haven't) you'll get Exp. All. A really stupid item, if you ask me (Nidoking). Exit out of the builiding west exit to reach Fuchsia City.


What to do first in Fuchsia... First I suggest heading to the place closest to the exit of Route 15. This would be the Fishing Guru's hut. Go in here and grab the Good Rod. I suggest go fishing in the Guru's pond in his backyard and you should get a good haul. Now head to the Pokémon Center to heal your Pokémon and prepare them for the Gym Leader Koga.


Koga has protected himself with invisible walls (their not really invisible, you can see two dots that mean there's a wall). To put a lid on his polluted Pokémon, bring along a ground-type or a psychic-type. Bulbasaur will be useless now, as with fighting-types and other poison-types. Koga is one of the easiest gym leaders I think.

His Pokémon are: Koffing lvl. 37, Muk lvl. 39, Koffing lvl. 37, and Weezing lvl. 43.

If you happen to whoop this ninja, you will get the Soul Badge. This Badge slightly boosts the defense rating for each of your Pokémon. You will also recieve TM 06, which contains Toxic. This is an easy way to get one of your opponents poisoned in a snap. Now head to the Northernmost building in the city. This is the Pokémon Safari Zone.

Safari Zone:

In the Safari Zone, it is an excellent chance to gather some rare Pokémon that are deadly in battle. It's pretty fun trying to capture them too. You can't use your Pokémon to fight the Pokémon, but rocks and bait help you capture them as well. The Safari Zone is divided up into 3 Zones. You can catch some Pokémon in only one of these zones. The Pokémon to capture are...

Nidorina and Nidorino (Entrance and Area 2)

Rhyhorn (Entrance and Area 2)

Kangaskhan (Areas 1 and 3)

Doduo (Areas 1 and 3)

Parasect (Entrance and Area 1)

Venomoth (Areas 2 and 3)

Pinsir (Blue Version) (Entrance and Area 1)

Scyther (Red Version) (Entrance and Area 1)

Chansey (Entrance and Area 2)

Tauros (Areas 2 and 3)

Exeggcute (Entrance and Areas 2 and 3)

Dratini (Anywhere with water)

Psyduck (Anywhere with water)

Slowpoke (Anywhere with water)

Krabby (Anywhere with water)

Through the Safari Zone, you'll come across many items. The three TM's to find are TM 37 which contains Egg Bomb, TM 40 which contains Skull Bash, and TM 32 which contains Double Team (one of the best moves in the game). You'll also find the Warden's Gold Teeth, another very important item. When you reach Area 3, enter the house on the northwest part. You'll find a guy who will give you HM 03, which contains Surf. Now that you've learned the ancient ways of the surf, exit out the building and grab the furthest Pokéball to the right. This is the Warden's Gold Teeth, an item you will need later on. Now your done with the Safari Zone.

Now you have some options here. If you are in a Pokémon-catching-mood, head west of Fuchsia and catch a Fearow in the little patches of grass surrounded by trainers. Then go into the guard tower and go upstairs. Here you can trade a Slowbro for a Lickitung. You probably don't have a Slowbro yet, but it's good to know where you can get Lickitung. Exit west of the tower to enter cycling road. Get out your bicycle and go north. In the patches of grass you'll find Raticate. Keep on going north and head to the guard tower. Simply exit the tower and you'll come across a little path that has a bush that can be Cut down. Go on up, head throught the tower, and you'll find a little house. Go inside and get HM 02, which contains Fly, that you can teach to any flying Pokémon.

Now that one of your Pokémon knows Fly, Fly on up to Cerulean City. Go through the west exit of the city, where you'll come across the route that leads to the Rock Tunnel. At the end of the route, you'll see a lake that you can Surf in. So surf into it, and head south. You'll now reach the Power Plant.


In the power plant, you'll find a big maze with guys attacking you every step. Also, you'll find Voltorbs and Electrodes that have disguised themselves as Pokéballs. Very annoying. So the TM's to look for are TM 33 which contains Reflect, and TM 25 which contains Thunder (another awesome move for Pikachu or any other electric Pokémon). The Pokémon to look for are Magnemite, Magneton, Pikachu (if you couldn't find him in the forest), Raichu (only in the Blue Version), and Electabuzz (only in the Red Version). Also you will find your first Pokémon that can only be caught once in the game. This awesome Pokémon is Zapdos.

HINT: When capturing a once-in-the-game-Pokémon like Zapdos, make sure you have saved the game before, 10 Ultra Balls, healthy Pokémon, and enough patience that you don't care whether you have to try 25 times to catch it. Also bring along a Pokémon that can make its opponent Paralyzed, Poisoned, Burnt, Frozen, or Asleep. This makes the Pokémon 10 times easier to capture.

When your done fiddling around at the Power Plant, Fly back to Fuchsia, grab a Surfing and Strengthing Pokémon, and head south.

Routes 19 and 20

When you head south of Fuchsia, Surf into the water and continue southward. Along the way you'll come across the extremely annoying Pokémon known as Tentacool. Lots of Tentacool, lots and lots of Tentacool. So once you've gone as south as possible, head west where you'll come to Seafoam Island.


Another maze for you to figure out. What we will tell you is where the boulders are that you must move. The first pair of boulders to push down the holes are on the first floor in the upper right part of the cave. The second pair are on the third basement floor. As in the Safari Zone, only certain Pokémon can be found on each floor, so here is that list you love so much.

Seel (Every floor)

Slowpoke (Varies on Version)

Psyduck (Varies on Version)

Golduck (Varies on Version)

Horsea (Varies on Version)

Krabby (Varies on Version)

Zubat (First floor only)

Golbat (First floor and Second Basement)

Shellder (First Basement)

Staryu (First Floor, First and Second Basement)

Kingler (Varies on Version)

Dewgong (First through Third Basement)

Seadra (Varies on Version)

Goldeen (Fishing only)

This is specific as we can get without taking too much time for this little section on the game. If you really need more specifics on where these Pokémon are located, we know - so go back to our Homepage and get our e-mail. On the bottom floor where you drop the boulders, you can swim over and say "hi" to Articuno! Once again, we stress that you save the game before, and for more tips on catching Articuno, go back up to the Power Plant section and see that "Note". For Articuno, we recommend putting it to sleep before catching it. By now you should be free from Seafoam Island, and ready to move on to your next city known as Cinnibar.


There aren't many choices on what you can do on Cinnibar Island, but first go to the building on the southwest corner of the island. This is the Pokémon Laboratory, where you can clone some new Pokémon. The cloning room is the furthest to the right. Here you can give the scientist the Old Amber to get an Aerodactyl, and the Dome or Helix Fossil from Mt. Moon to give you either an Omanyte or Kabuto. Also, the people that want to trade you some Pokémon in those rooms, don't do it - there's a trick. You see, some of the Pokémon they want to trade you can be caught up ahead, so don't trade ANY of them. NONE. Now head to the building on the northwest corner of the island. This is the Pokémon Mansion, where you can get the Secret Key to open the Gym.

Pokémon Mansion

In the mansion you will find Koffing, Weezing, Growlithe (Red Version only), Grimer,   Vulpix (Blue Version Only), Magmar (Blue Version Only), and Ponyta. This isn't much a maze, or it shouldn't be after dealing with the annoying Seafoam Islands. Just push all of the buttons and see what they do. Another thing is that on the Third Floor, look for walls that have an opening in them. They are holes that you have to jump in to find the key. The TM's to look for are TM 22 which contains Solarbeam (great move) and TM 14 which contains Blizzard (another great move). Once your out of there and got the key, head to the Gym.


Blaine is guarded by a whole bunch of guys that you have to beat to continue. When you finally reach him, I suggest running to the Pokémon Center really quick, then come back. This old man can pack a punch if you don't have Squirtle. If you don't have Squirtle, Blaine can be a little more challenging, so bring along another Water-Type. Also, Rock and Ground-Types pack a punch against fire.

His Pokémon are: Growlithe lvl. 42, Ponyta lvl. 40, Rapidash lvl. 42, and Arcanine lvl. 47

If you happen to put Blaine's fire-type's out, you'll get a Volcano Badge and TM 38, which contains Fire Blast. This attack can really do some damage to your opponent. Also, the Volcano Badge raises each of your Pokémon's special attack rating.

Now that you've beaten Blaine, Surf on up the route to Pallet Town. In the grassy patch at the top of the route is where you can catch Tangela, Pidgeotto, and Raticate. Once you've caught them, Fly to Veridian City to fight the final Gym battle.


Giovanni concentrates on Groud-Types, so if you chose Squirtle or Bulbasaur, he should be easy. Otherwise, Ice-Pokémon can do some major damage as well. Whatever you do, don't use a fire-type Pokémon, they do barely any damage.

His Pokémon are: Rhyhorn lvl. 45, Dugtrio lvl. 42, Nidoqueen lvl. 43, Nidoking lvl. 45, and Rhydon lvl. 50

If you beat this former Rocket leader, he will give you TM 27 and an Earthbadge. TM 27 contains Fissure, a move that can kill your opponent in in one hit. The Earthbadge ensures that any Pokémon will listen to you, no matter what it is.

Now that you have all of your badges, you can do 2 things. You can either go to Cerulean City and capture Mewtwo, or you can head to the Pokémon League and try to beat the game. It doesn't matter which you choose, but we are going to go to the Pokémon League section first. If you want to capture Mewtwo, skip down to the Mewtwo section.


Once you've beaten Giovanni, head west to Routes 22 and 23. There isn't anything new to catch here, but you will meet your rival. His latest combat team includes Pidgeot, Alakazam, and Rhydon. Make sure you have a Pokémon with strength, then continue on your way and enter the building at the end of the trail. Keep on going north through this building, showing all of the guards your badges when they ask for them. The little patches of grass have Arboks (Red Version) and Sandslashes (Blue Version). Continue north to enter Victory Road, another annoying cave. The new Pokémon to look for are Machoke, Marowak, and Graveler. The TM's to look out for are TM 43 which contains Sky Attack,    TM 05 which contains Mega Kick, TM 17 which contains Submission, and TM 47 which contains Explosion. Inside Victory Road, you will find another legendary flying Pokémon that is known as Moltres. Once again, see the Power Plant section "Note" to get some more hints on catching Moltres. Once you've made it out of the annoying cave, head North to the Indigo Plateau.


Once you've reached the plateau, they give you a good chance to rest up and prepare for battle. I suggest buying about 10 Revives at the mini-mart because you will need them badly. The concept of the Elite Four is for you to beat each one of them in a row. You can't stop and go heal your Pokémon either. So head north and begin.


Lorelei concentrates on Ice Pokémon. We suggest bringing along either a Fire-type, a Fighting-type, or a Rock-type. Many of Lorelei's Pokémon are Water-types too, so bring along an electric.

Her Pokémon are: Dewgong lvl. 54, Cloyster lvl. 53, Slowbro lvl. 54, Jynx lvl. 56, and Lapras lvl. 56

If you beat Lorelei, you will continue on to face your next trainer.


Bruno concentrates on Rock and Fighting Pokémon. We suggest bring along either a Flying-type, or a Psychic-type. 2 of Bruno's Pokémon are Rock-types, so bring along a water or grass.

His Pokémon are: Onix lvl. 53, Hitmonchan lvl. 55, Hitmonlee lvl. 55, Onix lvl. 56, and Machamp lvl. 58

If you beat Bruno, you can continue your journey to the 3rd elite trainer.


Agatha concentrates mainly on Ghost-type Pokémon and since there are no Pokémon strong against Ghost-types, she can be a challenge. It seems that water, electric, and fire attacks do the most damage. Agatha also has 2 Poison-types, so bring along a Psychic or Ground-type.

Her Pokémon are: Gengar lvl. 56, Golbat lvl. 56, Haunter lvl. 55, Arbok lvl. 58, and    Gengar lvl. 60

If you beat Agatha, you will continue onto the final elite trainer.


Lance concentrates mainly on Dragon-type Pokémon, so bring along a Ice-type or Fighting-type Pokémon. Then again, no Pokémon can defend well against Dragon-types, so bring some potion for this battle! Lance also has some Water and Rock-types, so bring some Pokémon good against those. It seems that any Pokémon that knows the Agility attack can fight the Dragonairs and come out of the battle without a scratch. All you have to do is use Agility once and then attack to win. Go on and try it out!

His Pokémon are: Gyarados lvl. 58, Dragonair lvl. 56, Dragonair lvl. 56, Aerodactyl lvl. 60, and Dragonite lvl. 62

So now you’ve beaten the game - or so you thought. When you are tired and worn out from your battle with Lance, he’ll tell you you’ll have to fight one more trainer. Yes, that’s right, your rival has beaten you again!


You have to face him one last time - and he’s as strong as ever. His Pokémon are all different types - as usual - so your going to have to plan your battles well.

His Pokémon are: Pidgeot lvl. 61, Alakazam lvl. 59, Rhydon lvl. 61

If he chose Bulbasaur, his next 3 are: Gyarados lvl. 61, Arcanine lvl. 63, and           Venusaur lvl. 65

If he chose Charmander, his next 3 are: Exeggutor lvl. 61, Gyarados lvl. 63, and   Charizard lvl. 65

If he chose Squirtle, his next 3 are: Arcanine lvl. 61, Exeggutor lvl. 63, and Blastoise lvl. 65

Congratulations! You’re the new Pokémon League Champion!

So now that you’ve gained this awesome title, wait for the credits to end, then choose continue. You'll start out back in Pallet, right by your house. Your first mission is to go capture the experimental Pokémon known as Mewtwo. So heal your Pokémon, and Fly to Cerulean City.


So now that you’re in Cerulean, your going to want some stuff for your journey. The dungeon is full of rare Pokémon that you’ll want, so make sure to bring at least 15 Ultra Balls. Also, grab that Master Ball that you’ve stored in the PC for practically the whole game. Now head north up the bridge. Then go west to that tall patch of grass. Surf into the water at the end of the patch, and head south. Now you should see the cave entrance to the Unknown Dungeon - a.k.a. the home of Mewtwo. I’m sorry to tell you that there aren’t any TM’s in the dungeon, but that’s ok. I know you want some more, but there aren’t any. The new Pokémon to catch are Wigglytuff, Kadabra, Dodrio, Rhydon, Hypno, and Electrode. There are tons of others, but these are the ones that you can capture only in the dungeon. So after you’ve done all of the Pokémon capturing you think you can do, head to the opposite side of the first floor. Go up the stairs there, then follow the path on the next floor. You’ll come to another stairway that will lead you back to the first floor, but in a different spot. Go up the stairs there and you will come to the Basement, or Mewtwo’s floor. So once you’ve reached the furthest part east of the basement, you’ll see Mewtwo. If you listened to us, you would have done your part and stored your Master Ball away for this very occasion. When you fight him, he may look threatening, but all you have to do is throw the measly little Master Ball at him and BOOM, he’s caught. If you didn’t listen to us, and used your Master Ball on Articuno or something, it’s going to be a hell of a lot harder. What you’ll have to use the old-fashioned way and use the way described in the Power Plant section. You may have to use about 5 Ultra Balls if you do it that way.

So, now you have to continue your mission - to boldly go and capture all 150 Pokémon. If you need any help in locating a Pokémon, go on and check out our 150 list, and get information on the Pokémon you need. The list has in depth information on where each Pokémon is too. If you still can’t locate a specific Pokémon, you can always e-mail us. Our e-mail’s are back at the home page. Thank you for using this walkthrough, a lot of time has been put into it.