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    This is the story of a king and his trials. The story occurs in the game of Pokémon, a Red Version in particular. The story is true, and nothing but the truth.   

    "Alright men!" Nidoking said as he paced back and forth in front of the Indigo Plateau. "I have been given a mission by the great Rob. I have the unique task of raising each and every one of you to my level, level 96."   

    The group gasped. To think, the same level as Nidoking. With their powers, they could become the greatest team that every existed! At the time, there were only two really outstading members of the team besides the king himself. They were Alakazam and Zapdos. Alakazam was at level 76, and Zapdos at level 74. Those two were considered to be second in command under Nidoking. Then came the three goof -offs. They were Flareon at level 54, Butterfree at level 56, and Dragonite at level 59.


    Flareon stood up from the group. "Does this mean, sir, that we will someday become just as great as you?"   

    Nidoking looked from side to side and let out a chuckle. "You will never be as great as me Flareon, none of you. You must remember, however, with the right training, you can become a truly amazing Pokémon."   

    Dragonite stood up and slumped back. "Why do we need to be any better than we are now? We can already beat the Elite Four with our hands tied behind our back!"   

    Nidoking got a red flare in his eye. "Quiet Dragonite! You will do as I command! Do you want to go against Rob's orders?!"   

    Nidoking got very mad and used his Poison Sting attack on Dragonite. All of the group members were scared stiff, and no one said a word. Dragonite screamed in pain, then slowly went to Alakazam to get healed.   

    Zapdos slowly raised his wing. "Nidoking, your majesty, isn't this going to be kind of tough? I mean, you know how long it can take for a level 50 Pokémon to grow a level! It's going to take a lot of time."   

    "Yes, you're right Zapdos." Nidoking replied.

    "It will be very tough indeed. If we work together and really put effort into it, we can give Rob what he wants - a truly amazing team. Now it's time to have a role call. Flareon!!!!!!"   

    "Here!" Flareon said very cautiously, for he was a very shy Pokémon.   


    No response.   

    "Butterfree! Awake!"   

    Butterfree slowly lifted it's head up. "Oh, sorry, here." Then he went back to sleep.   

    "Ahh... whatever. Dragonite!!!!"   

    "Here, I guess."   

    "I'm not taking any crap from you today, Dragonite. Zapdos and Alakazam!!!"   

    "Here!" Zapdos said promptly.   

    "I am here." Alakazam said god-like.   

    "Alright, now we will pick up some Revives from the mini-mart outside of the Elite Four station. Then we will enter for our first battle with Lorelei. This should be an easy one... Now since Flareon is the Pokémon with the lowest level, he will fight against Lorelei first."

   The group slowly went over to the mart and bought 10 Revives with the money Rob gave Nidoking. They gave a group cheer, then they all went to the Pokéballs that Nidoking was carrying. Nidoking walked into the arena slowly, but confidently.

    "Lorelei! I, Nidoking, challenge you to a match with the Pokémon Rob has given me."

    The woman cracked her fingers then went up to the spot where she would stand for the match.

    "Rob? The great Rob? He is the Pokémon Master! I will gladly face his Pokémon with mine."

    "Alright then, let the battle begin. For the first match, I choose Flareon." Nidoking said.

    "Agreed. I will choose Dewgong."

    Nidoking took his bag from Rob, pulled out a Pokéball, and threw it to the court. The ball opened and out came Flareon, ready for battle. Lorelei threw out her Pokéball, and out came Dewgong, just as willing to fight as Flareon. The two ran at each other and started to circle the other.

    "Flareon! Flamethrower attack!"

    Flareon lifted up it's head. It moved its head back and opened up its mouth. Out of its mouth flew a gigantic fireball going at top speed. It hit Dewgong and made it fly across the court. The opponent slowly got up and waited for Lorelei's command.

    "Dewgong! Show Flareon your Aurora Beam!"

    Dewgong set it's head to the ground. It slowly rose, then opened it's mouth. Out came a freezing gush of water in the form of a beam. It hit Flareon on its head and it started to freeze. Flareon used it's fire to melt the ice, then got a red flare in its eye. Nidoking knew what attack it was ready for.

    "Now, Flareon, your Fire Blast attack!"

    Flareon jumped into the air, and opened its mouth. The fire that came out grew and grew, soaking Dewgong in a whirl of flames. It fell to the ground, unconscious. It raised its eyes and looked at Lorelei like it wanted to give up. Lorelei shook her head.

    "Dewgong, regain your health with Rest!"

    Dewgong closed its eyes and began to sleep. All of the burns on it's body from the fire slowly went away, and pretty soon it was back to full health, but still asleep. Nidoking then became angry.

    "That's a cheap attack, Lorelei! Flareon! Bite Dewgong while its asleep!"

    Flareon ran towards its opponent and opened it's mouth. Its jaws landed and Dewgong's soft flesh and it closed its mouth with all its might. Dewgong was still sleeping, but you could tell it was in pain. Dewgong stayed asleep for a while, so Nidoking yelled out the next command.

    "Flareon! Finish it off now with your Fire Spin attack!"

    After Nidoking yelled the attack, Dewgong opened its eyes. As soon as it was awake, it saw Flareon with its mouth open, then a huge spin of fire come out of its mouth. Dewgong couldn't awaken after this attack. Flareon had won. Lorelei was outraged.

    "Fine! Dewgong return! Now, Cloyster! I choose you!"

    Lorelei threw out a different Pokéball that opened up and revealed a Cloyster with its hard spiked shell. Flareon looked at it scared out of its mind. Nidoking had confidence in Flareon, and he yelled his next command very loud.

    "Flareon! Quick! Use your Double Team ability now!"

    Flareon nodded to Nidoking. It shook itself for a while, then all of a sudden there were two Flareons. Cloyster looked at the team with a blank stare.

    "Flareon, again!" Nidoking yelled.

    Flareon shook itself again, then there were four Flareons, all circling around Cloyster. Lorelei decided it was her turn to show off.

    "Cloyster, use your Spike Cannon attack!"

    Some spikes on Cloyster's shell slowly cracked off. They flew at one of the Flareons with immense speed. When the spikes hit, the Flareon dissentigrated, revealing that it was a fake image. Lorelei screamed in anger. Nidoking knew what to do now.

    "Flareon! The real one! Use your Fire Blast attack once more!"

    Flareon jumped into the air and showed Cloyster it's most powerful attack. Cloyster wasn't as strong as Dewgong, so it was knocked out on the first hit. Lorelei knew that Cloyster wouldn't be able to awaken from the attack, so she called it back reluctantly. She then pulled out another Pokéball, revealing a Slowbro. Nidoking yelled to Flareon in a flash.

    "Flareon! Bite the animal, not the shell of Slowbro!"

    Flareon went up to the Pokémon, revealing it's fangs. The bear-like Pokémon turned around, revealing a shell on it's tail. Flareon tried to bite it, not realizing the Pokémon turned around. It fell back and screamed in pain. Its tooth had been chipped off badly. Lorelei decided to use an ability before Flareon pulled itself together.

    "Slowbro! Create a field around you with Withdraw!"

    The dumb-looking Pokémon's eyes turned a dark blue color. A glass-like shield went around it, with a bubble-like texture. Flareon got up and was mad at Slowbro for hurting its tooth. It looked at Nidoking, waiting for a command.

    "Flareon! Use your Flamethrower to break apart the bubble!"

    Flareon spit out a fireball and it popped the bubble. The fire reached the Pokémon inside, and it hit it at great speed. It's dumb-founded look didn't change at all for a couple of seconds. Finally, it screamed out in pain. It then got very angry, and it was ready to use its ultimate attack.

Want to find out what Slowbro's ultimate attack is? Well check back later to find the continuation to The Trial of a King!